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Feeling very sick


Hi all, can you help me please? I’m struggling to eat without feeling sick or that food isn’t going down. I’m trying to eat little and often but I’m even finding that too difficult. Please help UMCTD is taking all the pleasure out of my life.

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Hi, that sounds like paresis. worth a gastro consult - mine is managed with diet and tablets. In the meantime avoid too much fibre or red meat :) (cauliflower is not your friend!) x

AMDP in reply to The_Bear

That is so interesting I have recently had cauliflower rice. Why is cauliflower so bad please? Ax

The_Bear in reply to AMDP

Just a lot of fibre!

AMDP in reply to The_Bear

Ok thanks. Ax

Hello AMDP sorry hear you are suffering. My consultant tole me to never eat after 7pm. I find I feel less sick by eating very little meat - I do better with white fish or chicken and I avoid fatty foods. I take Lansoprazole first thing in a morning and stick to regular meal times. Not very big meals though especially the evening meal. I also have a reflux pillow (a big foam wedge under my normal pillow) which means you don't lie vey flat - it does help.

AMDP in reply to Betsie

Many thanks. I will look for a reflux pillow Ax

Are you having acid reflux?

Are you having food hang around in your stomach, with a gradual build of gurgling until you throw up and then you feel a great deal better?

I was having both and was put on a proton pump inhibitor for the acid reflux, and domperidone for food pooling in my stomach because peristalsis wasn't working properly. I'm no longer throwing up, though I do need to be careful to chew thoroughly and not to have a large meal in the evening. I always try to eat four hours before I go to bed. If I can I go for a gentle walk after eating to make sure things are settled. I do have the odd day where my stomach feels "off" and then I am extra careful and eat things that are easily digested - soup, mashed potato - things that are pre-chewed effectively.

AMDP in reply to Poppy221

Yes I think it must all be down to slow transit of food in my guts. Thanks Ax

Jelly babies (2 or 3) are good too. Apparently marathon runners use them so that you can claim you are being athletic!

Thanks for bringing this up and for everyone who replied - this is very helpful. I’ve recently begun to feel nauseas (diagnosed with diffuse scleroderma 12 months ago) and I’m also ingesting a lot of air when swallowing (as this has changed too) which causes a build up of gastric and bowel wind with gripping pains and discomfort - hey ho... As I’m writing this I’ve ditched my morning coffee in favour of ginger tea - just a few slices of raw ginger in boiling water - a few sips later and it appears to be settling the nausea.

AMDP in reply to DotSpot

Thanks for your reply . Sorry to hear you are going through similar issues. Good to know I’m not alone though. Ax

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