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WBC not in normal range on last 2 tests

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I have systemic scleroderma, Sjögrens and MS and I’ve been on Avonex for my MS for 9 years now. The last two lab tests my WBC has been low and the last one was the lowest yet at 3.1. The low end of normal for this lab is 4.0.

The lab test before this last one my neurologist said not to worry, but this last test is even lower than 6 months ago.

Has anyone seen a hematologist for low WBC? Had testing and if so what kind of tests?

Thanks for any info you can offer.

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Hi there, I think that if your Consultants are not concerned then that is a good indication not to worry too much about the situation. You need to remember that the range indicating what is normal is there as a guide, but it is only a guide. it is more important to know what is normal for you, and use that as a guide.

The issue of your white cell count is always a balance. You need to have the white cells to protect you from foreign invaders (bacteria, viruses etc) but at the same time the main issue with most people with autoimmune conditions is that there are too many white cells, and they are attacking you. This is the reason that they put people on immunosuppression, because they want to actively reduce your white blood cells to prevent them from targeting your own cells, whether that is the nerve cells in MS, or the connective tissue cells in Scleroderma. So usually someone with a low white cell count would actually be healthier from the point of view of their autoimmune disease, but may be more susceptible to other infections.

The other point is that this blood test provides a snap shot of your blood. if you were to get an infection and you had your bloods done again, it is likely that the white cell count would go up to try and deal with the infection because it reacts to the situation in hand. The body doesn't generally have loads of white blood cells sitting around, it produces them if they are needed.

I hope this makes sense. Basically, don't worry, make sure they keep an eye on the level and if you feel unwell, or are getting loads of infections then they need to see if they can alter your medications.

All my best

Lucy xxx

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Hjr4 in reply to LucyJean

Thanks for your post and reassuring words. It will be interesting to see what the hematologist says. I have lab work records going backs years and these last two were not the norm for me. It seems odd out of the blue to have these so off.

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