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Sharp pricking sensation on fingertips

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Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all keeping well. My scleroderma seems to be gearing up - thickening skin on my hands, skin drying out (& had a deep split at the base of thumb which took a few days to heal). It’s a bit disappointing as I’ve had quite a long time with it fairly calm. One thing I’ve noticed today is a sharp pinprick sensation on the tip of my middle finger - anyone else have this/have any idea what that is? It’s not a precursor to ulcers or anything is it? (I’ve never had ulcers)

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I have the same sensation myself , so would be interested to know what it is ! I’ve had ulcers before and they weren’t preceded by these pains .Im not an expert but I’m guessing these pains may be down to bad circulation in the fingertips.Wondering if anybody has anymore suggestions as to what it could be.

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That’s a good theory!

Hi Bear,

I'm 58 and I started with Raynauds twenty five years ago. It has progressed into "systemic sclerosis". I'm not going to try and diagnose your problems on here a). Because I'm not qualified and b). Because my circumstances may well be a thousand times different to yours.

What I would say is; get yourself to a Rheumatologist asap and get checked out. I started out with pricking in my fingers three years ago and ended up loosing two fingers. I was misdiagnosed and given the wrong meds. Now, thankfully that is resolved. I'm taking thirty plus pills a day now these include 150mg of sildenafil and 3mg warfarin. In my case the pricking pain was indicative of poor circulation to my extremities. Sorry. That sounds scary. My intention is not to scair it is to be informative and the main point is: "Just in case & to save yourself a lot of potential grief" get to the Rheumatology department asap A&E would be my choice given what I have been through. At the very least go to your GP and get a prescription for sildenafil. It may be you don't need it but it won't hurt you. The alternative is excruciatingly painful and most unpleasant. Better safe than sorry!!

Good luck. I hope I'm completely wrong and it's something daft.

Take care. Regards. Mark.

Hi, I feel pin pricks in my fingers, toe and ankles. I find the only relief is coconut oil on my skin and tylenol arthritis. I take Celcep (mycopholate) because I'm diagnosed with systemic sclerosis, Raynauds and EM and morphea. Hope this helps.

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