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Do I really have Raynauds?

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Last month I was diagnosed with Raynaulds by Dr Price. I have had this health problem for 15 years now which has been diagnosed incorrectly twice already

Blue extremities is the latest symptom which has appeared in addition to all of the other symptoms

The more I read on the subject the more I come to believe that Raynaulds is yet another incorrect diagnosis. I was diagnosed with this as my legs and hands become blue when I am standing or sitting still. If I move they become normal color. When Iay down all my extremites get numb.

I also have a headache when I am tired, hot or cold

In addition I suffer from tiredness, sweating legs, blurred vision, shortness of breath, abdominal pain, problems concentrating, dizziness, lightheadedness, ringing in the ears.

Does anyone with Raynauld have blue legs and hands when standing or sitting. Do they become numb when lying down? Do I really have Raynaulds or have I been brushed off with an easy diagnosis

Thanks a lot for answer.

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