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Hello everybody, I hope you are all keeping as well as you can. Well the sun as been shining most of the week, the nights are drawing in, the mornings are chilly. It"s a gentle reminder that Autumn has arrived, time to dig out those mittens, scarves and coats, oh and blankets for the knees whilst watching TV. Heating checked to see it is working and it"s all go, bring on the cold weather I am ready for you, be prepared for a battle, you will not conquer me nor will you make me a prisoner in my own home, I have the necessary armour to fend off anything you throw at me. It"s been another busy week, my normal volunteer work, and oh granddaughter coming to mine on Monday, oh and she came for tea on Thursday, Carbonara, and Angel delight for dessert!! Spent today doing a bit of gardening, you know the sort of thing, cutting the grass and a bit of weeding. My hedgehog house looks like it may have a visitor, fingers crossed. I have a lovely weekend to look forward to, my 2 older granddaughters are having a sleepover, so they arrive at lunchtime tomorrow and are getting picked up Sunday afternoon, it will make a lovely change, because I normally spend weekends on my own. Anyway, sending you all positive thoughts and hugs, and remember, smile and wave folks, smile and wave. (Waving is a good way of keeping warm haha)

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Awww so glad for you fairy56.


Oo have a lovely girlie weekend!! You can all snuggle under the rugs. Xx

Just about to wrap up and tidy the garden up for winter - can't bear the thought of doing that without a bit is sun to keep me warm. At least we have a bit of sun still 🤗

Already wearing gloves and my down jacket. All toasty. X

I'm really noticing the cold first thing in the mornings - I've found a good solution though - stay in bed till 10:30 am :O) I can't get away with it all the time, but it is worth trying to get a few lie ins each week. We've had a lovely sunny and warm Saturday (as long as the door is closed) - wishing everyone a lovely Sunday. xxx

Love your positive cheery attitude

They keep you young and very busy by the sound of it . Have a lovely time xxx

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