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Ok guys another dilemma ..Reflux and heartburn doing my head in.I have read that omeprazole and Diltiazem could be the cause

Feel like I'm going round in circles trying to take something to fix something else.I have GERD and my breath is foul.I have young children who turn away from me when I kiss them goodnight because my breath is so bad.I have taken apple cider vinegar these past 2 nites and they have said my breath is clear and are so surprised and happy I nearly cried as I cud kiss them without them looking so disgusted. I have read that apple cider vinegar alkalizes the stomach and I hoped I could solve my breath problem from the overgrowth of bad bacteria (Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) SIBO which I suffer from but unfortunately I have just read that my much-needed Diltiazen for my Raynaud's could be the cause of Gerd iv been trying so hard eating spinach lettuce and other foods to help alkaline my gut but I now feel if I'm taking diltiazem 3 times a day how can I compete against it. I just feel deflated eating has become such an uncomfortable chore due to heartburn and trying to come off omeprazole after 7 yrs is hard i worry about the link between omeprazole and dementia as my wee mum died with Alzheimers Can anyone give me any advice please.. I wonder to myself if all the med just cause one problem after the other.

Hope everyones staying warm its cold here in Northern Ireland but id imagine its colder elsewhere !

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I had a problem with Omeprazole after taking it for a few months I had the worse diarrhea. I had been using Ranatidine prior to Omeprzole Dr had wanted me to trade off. I went back to 300 mg Ranatidine and I haven’t had any problems. Good luck I totally understand your frustration.


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Sorry only seeing ur post now that’s interesting how it effected ur bowels I have never linked the two but now that I’m off omeprazole ( iv changed to Ranitidine) I don’t have diarrhoea !! Ranitidine seems to be working well I must try cutting more sugar out thanks

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I’m so happy Rantidine is working for you great news.


Have you cut all sugars from your diet to reduce your SIBO? I use ranitidine (omeprazole and esomeprazole affected my digestion) for reflux but I have managed it without before using milk of magnesia, angled my bed up, small meal early in evening for dinner.


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