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Gastro motility issues?

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Has anyone got motility issues? I’ve had bowel problems for years and years. It’s getting worse. I had an ultrasound for my gallbladder that accidentally found a full stomach after 16 hours fasting. This raised alarm bells. I had a slow transit test that showed definite slow transit. I have started having food come back up my gullet after eating, feeling very sick after I eat & severe pain in my stomach after eating. I get pain all the time in other places in the bowel. I go to the loo frequently, I get a lot of mucus out from behind and struggle with certain foods. I’ve also started leaking mucus and other delights without realising . I’ve had a stomach emptying test as my stomach symptoms match gastroparesis. I’m not diabetic but very thin and can’t gain weight. The stomach emptying was shockingly normal. They then did a colonoscopy/endoscopy which was fine but they didn’t do a biopsy for schloderma as was requested. Just for crohns and colitis which I don’t have. My symptoms are getting worse and I’m at a loss. The Gastro says it’s just IBs. I argued there’s evident slow transit issues so they diagnosed slow transit constipation which makes no sense to me as I go to the loo 3 plus times a day?? Has anyone had similar symptoms and know what it is? Has anyone had a normal stomach emptying but still have gastroparesis?

The other mystery is I have ‘gunk’ in my throat CONSTANTLY. No Gp or ENT or Gastro can figure out why. For years they said its a post nasal drip but ENT say it isn’t and could be stomach contents. It does burn sometimes. It also wraps itself around my uvula so I think or feel like I’m choking when I’m not?? Anyone had this either?

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This happened to me, I had been vomitting undigesed food and tablets up over 12 hours later years ago. They did the test to check stomach emptying, were I had the ready brek meal, but the results were surprisingly normal. However I had taken pictures of the vomitting I'd had and the gastro dr could see it was in the middle of the night. He said he thought I had intermittent gasteoparisis and started domperidone, but never formally diagnosed it, however did say I had motility problems in his letter to the GPs. Recently though I've had many more problems, so I've been referred back to the gastroenterologists to have more tests again, hopefully I'll get more answers this time. I have raynauds, bechets disease, b12 deficiency, folic acid deficiency, vit d deficient and suspected lupus (Not formally disgnosed) amongst other things lol. I know this probably doesn't help your situation, but I understand what your going through xx

Hi there I eat a low fibre diet as like you I have bowel problems and it has helped slot

Changes in bowel habits was my very first symptom, along with loss of weight – I lost well over a stone in 6 months, and went to my GP which set off the chain of events and investigations (including a colonoscopy – normal) that eventually got me a diagnosis of limited systemic scleroderma. My stomach is fine but like you I go to the loo 3 times a day and it's never nice and tidy to put it delicately! Not diarrhoea but just not satisfying. I can cope with that okay. They are investigating whether it's changes to the lining of my gut or overgrowth of bacteria (SIBO) causing the problem but since I don't want to take huge quantities of antibiotics which wouldn't cure it permanently I'd rather put up with it. Least of my problems! (Raynauds is the worst) But I do find it hard to maintain my weight – I'm only 8 stone and 5 ft 6 so a bit on the skinny side.

Had both sides of that problem. First don't go for a few days then go with non-stop leakage for a few days. Had a colonoscopy, some scleroderma damage down there. Having no milk products helped but could only go without for 2 years. 1 year later it's starting again. Cramping much worse. Fibre (metamuscil) helps when I remember to take it. Dr. said with digestive problems and 10 medications it is expected. Also have liver disease (autoimmune). On a cruise recently with 3 good meals provided I had one bad day so expect it's diet related.

Think you need an scleroderma expert . As they understand these things ie Royal free scleroderma unit .

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