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Advice please

I have had Raynauds my whole life (I am 48) and was diagnosed with linear scleroderma when I was about 13. Over the past couple of years, I have started to experience terrible fatigue, upset stomachs, my joint pain is much worse in feet, hands, wrists and I am getting pain in my scleroderma patches on my arms. Fibromyalgia and PVS and ME have all been floated to me as the issue, but I have had a scleroderma diagnosis since I was very young. I have asked for a rheumatology referral as I haven't seen a specialist since 1993. In your opinions, could it be my scleroderma that is causing me these problems, even though it is localised, not systemic?

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Hi it might be I've got Raynaud's and Scleroderma I get joint pains and problem's with my bowels it's trail and error as what you can eat I've stopped eating chocolate,coffee n try not toget stressed as it does not help you can drink non caffeine coffee hope this is some help x


Thank you


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