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One thing after another!

Me again, second post of the day πŸ™„

I've recently been diagnosed with limited systemic sclerosis an awaiting further tests to determine severity. Today I went for a routine eye test, they have decided to refer me to a eye specialist because of high pressure and also the drains in my eyes are very narrow and could lead to glaucoma. Could this be linked to the systemic sclerosis? It's so hard not to link everything!

Really appreciate any replies xxx

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Your optician will be able to advise (after checking if necessary) if there is a link to scleroderma. There is a particular type of 'non-pressure glaucoma' which may be linked caused by damage to the optic nerve without a rise in pressure in the eye - but very rare. We have to remember that people get all sorts of problems who don't have scleroderma. I have recently been diagnosed with a cataract - nothing to do with limited systemic sclerosis or any of my medications, but cataracts run in my family and I work out of doors so a higher risk.


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