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Hi all so I've posted photos of how Raynaud's affect my toes but I was wondering if anyone gets this on the sides of their feet just near the ankle bone.I have had this for years now and only Raynaud's since last year I'm not sure if its connected to that in anyway but nothing gets rid of it sometimes its red and very dry looking other times purple and dry creams don't help at all they look better when I raise my feet and I do spend lots of time sitting on the floor with the kids so wonder if its pressure that's caused it .Its on both feet.Any ideas would be most helpful.

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Hi littleones, I get Raynaud's in the outer side of both my feet and also in my toes. It feels like it's burning and takes ages for it to go away. I hear that the weather is getting warm again next week so hopefully we'll have a little respite from Raynaud's. Stay well.


Hi alibon,that's how mine feels too it is most annoying isn't it.Yes I heard the same summer is suppose to be coming ☺ I do hope it stays for a while as it will be nice to feel lovely and warm.Take care and thankyou.

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