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I'm new

My name is Marilyn I suffered Raynards 35yrs now this year my two big frozen toes have not recovered at all ...usually do in spring..they ulcerated this winter with loss of skin I experience pain stabbing sharp sore ..cannot bear to touch toes..they are red throbbing and swollen .... split in corner of one toe and split under pad of other big toe...any ideas to heal split.

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Oh marilyn , that sounds so painful ☹️ Would a chiropodist be able to give you any advice??

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Oh Marilyn that sounds so awful for you, I have had Raynaud's for 12 yrs + but never experienced anything like that. I hope you can find someone to help you, are you under any specialist care ? Meanwhile I would try rubbing Aloe Vera which has many skin healing properties and see if this gives you any relief. All the best.

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Hi Marilyn

I have had this on my fingers and I always dreaded it happening to my toes/feet.

I went to a Chinese dr who helped me a lot. The ointment she gave me was a lifesaver and healed my ulcers when nothing else would.

The minute you apply it the pain goes. Jing Wan Hong Ruan GAO. It is about £15. Also a lady on here advised me about Corpitol Emulsion which has prevented the ulcers coming back since 4th January when I started using it.

It can only be bought on the internet or in Spain approx £50 but it is a miracle. Get some and I wish you all the best.



Hello Marilyn

I did not have actual ulcers on my toes but sore red patches like chilblaims but not ulcerated and also split horizontally big toe nails and peeling skin. A chiropodist recommended dabbing neat Friars Balsam with cottonwool bud on them twice a day (put a layer of talc or cornflour on top of Balsam to stop stickiness) and over a period of 2 weeks it cleared them. My big toes still peel skin now and then and I use Conotrane cream.

I am finding Fluoxetine (the old Prozac) most useful fro stopping some of the frozen block feeling in my feet and the terrible front leg muscle cramps I got at night. But I only have Raynauds.

Hope you feel better soon


Hello Josephine.

Have you tried salty water - as hot as you can bear? I find it can help clear up infection and bring it to the surface (but I'm only talking about my hands here; thankfully my feet are OK).



You seem to need better blood circulation not just heal split. You need a rheumatologist, I think. Ask your GP.


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