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Electric shock / static

I have Crest Syndrome 😒 And over the last few weeks I've noticed that when I touch certain things like metal I get like an electric shock , I was in M&S today looking at jewellery and when I went to take a necklace off the stand I received a shock this also happens when I close my car door . Is this something that anyone else has experienced? Will it just go ? Any advice would be good 😊. TIA X

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Hello there, I have the same condition as you, and I am always getting static shocks. I have always done it ever since I was a small girl. When I was living in student accommodation we had corridors with lovely nylon carpets on them. I would walk down the corridor, switch on the light and nearly blow myself across the room. I don't think it has anything at all to do with CREST. I often get shocks off lift controls too :) If I remember I deliberately rub my hand on my jumper/top to remove the static and that solves the problem (or I ask whoever is with me to press buttons, turn on lights etc).

All my best

Lucy x

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I also have CREST and experience shocks but, like LucyJean, have never associated them with the condition. Random ones occur, as they do for anyone, but in the colder months I always get one when I first touch metal after I've been in the car. I like to think it just means I have an electric personality!

The only trick I've come up with is to touch with my knuckles first rather than my fingertips. The shock isn't as strong - fewer nerve endings in the knuckles, I suppose. Keeps me from jumping or doing those weird 'afraid to touch it' motions when I'm in public at least.

Hope it's of some help!

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