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Iiliprost infusions IV method query

I was admitted for a 5 day 6 hours a day IV for iiliprost infusions. as I have small veins they couldnt get the canulla to function properly or to get it in,,,so only had 3 days..the consultant now wants me to go back and have a line inserted...upper arm?...as they say they can then leave it in for the full 5 days. has anyone else had this done, and what happens...am really nervous about this, and getting stressed... Help..............

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Hi, I have just had my picc line removed. The picc line is inserted into a large vain in your arm that leads to your heart, The area will be numbed with anesthetic so you won't feel anything.They may use an ultrasound scan to find the best vain.It is nothing to worry about.Picc lines are used when veins are small or there are other problems or if you are having prolonged treatment, I was having iloprost every 6 weeks so that's why I had one put In.Mine was a God send a lot easier both for me and the staff .They can also take blood from them as well as giving I'v treatment.You will find it a lot easier than having canulars put in all the time.Go for it you wont regret it.Good Luck


Thank you so much for responding, and for explaining it so clearly...so.....will go for it..its a 5 day of 6 hours a day...so hopefully it will do me some good...feeling very ragged at the moment, no energy, and the ends of my fingers all have calcifications and infections plus a nasty infection in my knee caused by a calcium deposit, which has spread from the knee down to my ankle..this disease is horrible, and anyone who has it, has my sympathy...does it ever get better??? once again thank you...

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Yes. I have. It's called a midline. It isn't painfull to have inserted or removed. It is guided into place by a ultrasound type scanner where they find the vein. I have had it for the last 2 years or so for Iloprost for the same reason as yourself. If they did find a good vein for the cannula it wasn't long before the entry site was ballooning and vein collapsed. With a midline it is much easier. It takes a day for you to forget where it is (odd feeling) but it saves time for the rest of the week. It works for me so give it a try there is nothing to lose.


Oh please no Picc line. Get a port much easier and less risks associated. Blood clots and picc lines fail. Port is easier then getting poked all the time.


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