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That time of year, plasters and antiseptic creams

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Ugh, so I've got several potential digital ulcer outbreaks. It's that time of year whereby any minor breakage of skin on fingers has the potential to ulcerate...

I'm here having a bit of a rant as I've more fingers with dressings on than not, although luckily no ulcers just yet!

Are u in the same situation? I cannot be alone lol!


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You are not alone!! Those little 'paper cuts' are quick to develop especially in the cold - I'm beginning to learn (after 12 years) that quick action works. Take care and keep warm.

lindyanne ah those little 'papercuts' are responsible for two of my bandaged fingers, how they go quite so deep is beyond me. Oh and the fact that every single lesion/skin breakage goes ridiculously hard around the edges, and then catches on everything is another couple lol!

I could do a great impression of a mummy (the dead bandaged kind, not the female kind) atm ๐Ÿ˜€

But we continue on. It's the only thing we can do, wallowing in self pity gets u no place, I've tried that ๐Ÿ˜›

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One way to try to avoid these cuts is to put hand cream on several times a day. You need to do it all year, don't let your hands dry out. Every time you wash them put cream on again. It should help.

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Irene55 thanks to a recommendation on here I now use doublebase cream several times a day. I'm still getting the paper cuts and skin breakages though :(

castor oil helps

I've had my index finger wrapped sence august and its just now starting to heal I've been in so much pain I am trying to be on the bright side I can't do much iam taking beta blockers it helps with the painful spasms

I use Doublebase cream too. I also use Neutrogena hand cream when I am out. It is very good and not greasy like Doublebase. The only thing to do is keep it up. I hope the cuts get better in time.

I will try that

Yes both thumbs wrapped up and have been since beginning of November got some Fucibet cream from Rhuemy that takes the sting out but so far hasn't helped heal them:(

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I have been putting voltaren on my fingers at night..daytime too.i think it helps..

Hi. Yes, I'm nursing an ulcer that's several weeks old! I use cocoa butter when I remember! Also take sildenafil which has meant less ulcers although it has some unpleasant side effects. Hope your cuts heal well.

Lyndabickley to know we're not alone is a great thing. There really is power in sharing your pain with ppl in a similar situation!

Hope your ulcer heals quickly.


Are you receiving any treatment for it?

Same..i just got a prescription for calcium channel blocker..and i have great bp.๐Ÿ˜ž


When I had similar on the ends of my toes my chiropodist suggested I try Friars Balsam. Yes it is an inhaler but if you read the instructions it is also an antisepetic being the sap of some oriental tree. Use a ear bud and dab it on affected area AND then put a sprinkling of talcum powder on top as this stops the "stickiness". Be careful, because if you drop the bottle it stains. I was amazed at the effectiveness. I have a cream from my GP called Conotrane which is better than Doublebasse, or other moisture creams. If you want to try it you can find it in the Baby Section of the Chemists and a tube is inexpensive. My GP sys the Community Nurses use it for bed sores.

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Thanks Hidden I'll take a look at those suggestions, I'm one for trying what's recommended by fellow sufferers, we usually know more than the docs ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ‘

zenabb yes I take nifedipine for the raynauds and SSc, although I'm not sure it actually helps. I've not soured taking that for a good few years now, so maybe it does help.


Regarding the Friars Balsam, apply twice a day to sores if possible. With the Conotrane - use it as much as you can all day and slaver your feet in it before you go to bed, and when you get dressed, the same, before you put your socks on.

I use lanolin to keep my hands moisturized. Apply then wear cotton gloves until absorbed. Hope this helps. Good luck

Be careful with the ulcers. I have lost two didgets on my hand. One toe, an recently had my leg amputated below the knee. I went to the hyperbaric chamber 70 times, an hour at a time. Then I found the leg saver, Dr Mustafa and he saved the other leg. He is in Grand rapids, Mi. All my ulcers on the other foot are healed now.



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