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Travel Insurance

An update on my search for reasonable travel insurance.  Finally got one.  As I worked for Local Government I was able to get insurance through Civil Service Pensioners Alliance. Year insurance for £187!!!  If you were or are a civil servant look them up. Hope it can be a help to you too.   All I need now is the strength to get on that plane!!  

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Jennifer- I'm glad you got some reasonably priced insurance. I'm looking for some too. I worked for local government for many years. can you join this organisation even if you weren't a civil servant? 


I think you need to be or were a civil servant. I rang them and told them what my position was and they sent me the joining forms. Once that was accepted I applied for the insurance. Give them a ring, I'm sure they will help. The number is on the CSPA web site. Good luck. 


Thanks Jennifer I'll give them a call. 


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