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Hot food in gut warms cold feet?

I would love to know the mechanism for this, but it is one of the few things I can do that seems to switch my foot heating system back on. It has to be food, like porridge or at least soup - a hot drink isn't enough, somehow it needs to sit around for a while in there and then sure enough, my feet get warmer. If someone could duplicate this effect by stimulating whatever nerve connections are responsible we might all be better! Does anyone else find that this works for you?

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If you find that works for you then that's really good - I suppose the metabolism kick-starts again when you eat. They say it is good to eat little and often. My feet are much less of a problem than my hands - I often buy a cup of soup to have with my sandwich at lunchtime when I am at work and if nothing else the little polystyrene cups are a good heat source!


I always get very cold when I am hungry and my hands are often blue just before lunchtime. I always warm up after eating. I look at it like refueling my metabolism. Glad to know I am not the only one this works for, doctors should really look into it.


Have to agree with this, I always find a little something to eat with a hot drink always helps warm me up again. I usually have a oatcake or banana to hand in the office to keep me going, little & often seems to be the key.


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