I need help or suggestions. I am 51 yrs,old already gone thru menopause. But for the last year or so and recently gotten worse my hand and feet stay extremely cold and turn blue, and white . I think my family thinks I'm crazy cause I'm always cold. I've read about raynaud's. Not sure where to start fir medical tx. Been seeing chiropractor for back. But feel need to see someone eles for this. Feel like in falling apart and no one to talk with that understands

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  • If you are in the UK ask your GP for a referral to a Scleroderma expert. Royal Free in London or Brompton something. Chapel Allerton in the midlands somewhere. Same thing for the US ask your primare care person for a referral. I live in NZ so only know second hand from folks I talk to there. You could try International Scleroderma Network on google, there are UK and US contacts there plus plenty of informed and sympathetic support.

  • may be raynauds.

  • You have to see your doctor, I have ranauds and it sounds like you have it too. Chris x

  • Good morning it sounds like Raynauds, if you live in the UK, discuss your symptoms with your GP. They should be able to advice. Write down all symptoms before attending so you don't forget when you visit.

  • You need to be diagnosed to see if you have Raynaud's disease. You are not crazy. See your GP and ask to be referred to a rheumatologist who will test you and give you an answer. Then you can be treated.

  • I agree with all replies, I have Reynauds and take Nifedipine which helps greatly! X

  • Go to GP. I went with cold/often numb hand. Diagnosed with Raynauds. Then sent to a consultant. Diagnosed with blocked arteries. Result blood vessels strengthening and expanding to take the load. Well that's me. What I'm probably saying to you is go and get expert advice. You never know what'll turn up. Seems to me the more you worry the brain takes over to freak you out. Get it sorted.

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