New Scleroderma Specialist

I have just been for my first appointment with Dr Anderson at Aintree Hospital, Fazakerley. What a lovely lady and she also went to medical school with Dr. Keily who is my consultant at Sheffield for my pulmonary hypertension. I now feel that the dots are being joined up and that my doctors will be speaking to each other and that the right hand will definitely know what the left is doing. The hospital itself is a bit if a nightmare as the rheumatology department is not well signposted and even after asking three staff who didn't know where it was, I finally found someone who did, the corridors are very long and also at a slight incline which doesn't help the old breathing but hopefully when I go again I will remember where everything is.

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  • Hi Paleindian2 so pleased that things are finally coming together for you. It's so much better when consultations are talking with each other. Good luck.

  • I am really pleased for you.

  • So glad that all is looking up in a positive direction for your medical attention, care and resolve. Continue to have faith, pamper yourself and continue to self-study how you feel, what works, analyze what doesn't, get your proper nutrition, try to avoid stress and use calming techniques when needed . . . remember that I am praying for you and hopeful to your further successes and improved comfortability. GOD bless you. - Kindly, Thelma

  • Thank you all for your kind words.

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