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New dentist

I went for a check up at my local dentist and was seen by a new lady, who is now the main one at my practice. She surprised me be knowing all about my condition of scleraderma and what it can entail, she even diagnosed dry mouth which I wasn't aware I was suffering from. It's great to know there are dentists out there who are up to date with our conditions.

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Yes mine of 33 years just retired . So my 3rd time with an New one . Young tasty looking . Been for check up then on the cards was a wisdom tooth Monday big infection in it . Yesterday he took it out . . My friend a staff nurse came with me . Was most impressed . He really learnt about scleroderma somewhere down the line . Not sure if I am only one hes met with it . Theres only 2 of us up local hospital. Wisdom tooth loose with the sojgrens ( got like that very quick ) out in less then 2 mins .


It's comforting isn't it.


My dentist seems clued up too. Have broken two teeth in the last few months having had very little dental trouble in the past. He put my mind at rest by saying ' It's one of the problems with this disease but don't worry, whatever happens we'll sort it'. Made me feel SO much better!


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