Scleroderma & Raynaud's UK (SRUK)

Advice please

I am not diagnosed. My hand go numb after cold and thru palms feel very smooth then. Also in the cold parts of my lips and chin can go purplish. I get pains in hands and feet. Get tightness feeling in my neck and forehead at times. My chin has red rash at times and sometimes flares up and gets shiny when I am warm. I feel a burning sensation in different parts of my body.

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You need to see a rheumatologist.


I did but he said he sees nothing wrong. He checked my joints and looked at my hands and nails and up my nose. I got ANA done and it was negative but have read since that you need to get it done through IFA but I got mine done through FEIA which he said was fine. He said I didn't have raynauds as I don't have the colour change


Have you had your Thyroid bloods checked and Vitamin D, B12 and Folate and Ferritin checked lately? Imbalances or deficiencies of any of these can cause parasthesia/ numbness/ trouble with circulation.

I get burning sensation a lot in arms and legs and tingle now extends to my face. No one has yet found the cause despite many test. The only sign of Raynaud's I get is white toes and sometimes white fingers but no chilblains or purple fingers. I'm told that secondary Raynaud's is more complicated and can affect people in this more diffuse way. If I do have it then my Raynaud's is secondary to RA and Hashimoto's - or possibly even early Scleroderma my rheumatologist says - although when last checked a few years ago my ANA was negative.


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