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Hi I'm new to this site , wonder if anyone can help , I'm awaiting appointment to see a rheumatologist in July after stuffing white finger in December last year don't know what to expect . I get it on a regular bases in both hands and feet , the pain is horrific . Does anyone no if this could be caused by flouting bones trapping the nerves . This has got me really low and don't no how much more I can take .

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  • Your pain is due to the fact that we have poor blood circulation to our extremities, like our hands and feet. The rheumatologist will make some tests to find out exactly how you are affected and will give you treatments to relieve you. Keep warm so that the blood will try to get to your hands and feet. Wear several layers of clothes and have hot drinks. Best wishes.

  • Thank you zenabb for taking the time to read my post , I also suffer from chest pains , pains in hips and spine also across the shoulders , also have a swollen tongue and it's very sore , I'm shaking all the time n find it hard to breath , do these type of things acure with raynauds ? Thanks again . Take care

  • THere are a lot of autoimmune diseases that could cause your pains and other problems along with the problems you have with you fingers and feet, as zenabb says a rhuematologist will take a full medical history ask lots of questions you might think are totally irrelevant and do blood tests plus a full examination.

  • The tongue is an extremity. The rest, I don't know. Has your GP given you any medication to help you.

  • Yeah zenabb my gp has given me codeine , ibuprofen , paracetamol and allergy tablets 4 times a day , says he can't give me anything else at the moment as he doesn't no what he's dealing with , but nothing seems to work . Thank you for your reply as I'm trying to find out more about this illness . I'm at my wits end 😒

  • Can you see another GP?

  • I've a few GPs and all say the same , feel like I'm banging my head against the wall , I have rang rheumatology department to see if they can try and get me a appointment sooner than July but no joy . Thanks for your help I really do appreciate it

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