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Hello people it's been a while

I had my appointment yesterday as my doctor refered me I have been struggling with my raunauds

He didn't really give me much advice on raunauds however he was asking me all these other strange question on if I get a rash in the sun which I do on my face and asking about photo sensitivity he said I will have to have further tests and some nerve test things he took a blood sample urine sample and an ecg test as he said my heart rate was up

He was also asking me what colour my hands go and asking if I had any pics it felt like he didn't believe me

Anybody know what this means

or any comments would be good if you got asked the same type of questions


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Hi, did he mention autoimmune diseases such as Lupus?

Maybe he is testing you to rule them out. Ring up & ask what your bloods are being tested for!


He is checking for underlying causes. I'm sure he does believe you but doesn't want to alarm you unnecessarily about autoimmune diseases which can cause Raynaud's. The rash over the nose and skin sensitivity can be related to Lupus though not everyone with Lupus gets the rash over the nose.


god bless


hi i remember exactly when i was first diagnosed with raynauds,i was out in the summer pushing my niece in her buggy and my hands suddenly went cold numb etc and turned all shades of white to hands were so swollen had to have rings cut off.


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