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Hi all,

Im primary renaulds and I've taken nifedapine for as long as I can remember (15 years, possibly longer). We are however going to start trying for a family and last time I saw a GP she said that this med can cause miscarriages. She also said that most meds used would be the same.

Can anyone advise if there are any alternative meds I can try? I've just bought some Ginkgo Biloba which is herbal, but I'm not sure if this is ok re pregnancy or not (should've probably asked that).

Any help greatly appreciated.


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  • I found when I was pregnant my Raynauds was not so bad. I have four children. I have had it for 35 years and have never been able to tolerate medication for it so I have "managed " rather than had treatment. In October however I had Isoprost treatment and it worked for me.I think you need to see a Rheumatologist. Obviously we are all different and I can only go on my own experience. Maybe you could be pregnant in the summer :-D. Best of luck.


  • Haha, unfortunately pregnancies last through at least one winter. I'll try for summer pregnancy though!

    I'm waiting on an appointment with a rheumatologist. I don't find my meds help that much but they do a bit. Maybe I'll just try without for a while and stick with good gloves and socks (easier in the winter as feel a bit stupid wearing gloves on Auguest, though was necessary for me last year!)

    Thanks Tukka!

  • Hi Crozza

    As previously mentioned, Raynaud's symptoms normally disappear during pregnancy. There is no clear answer as to why, but it is thought to be due to the hormonal changes. Raynaud's usually then returns when the baby is born. It would be best to speak to your GP about the safety of taking Ginkgo Biloba during pregnancy as they will know your full medical history.



  • Hi RSA,

    Thanks for that. Very odd that symptoms disappear with pregnancy, sounds like that'll be a good bonus!

    Guessing I'd be safest not to take any meds whilst trying as well as when pregnant given it can cause miscarriages? I've started cutting down on the dosage to wean myself off nifedapine just in case.


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