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what can i do?

I know i asked a question a few days ago, but i went to the doctors today and ive been put on some new tablets called Lansoprazole 30mg and i also asked her about the pain I've been having in my whole arm and showed her my arm as well and she said my vein has gone into spasm from the blood test and i kind of forgot to ask her what i can do for the pain does anyone on here know what i could do? Also think the spasm there has set my raynuads of as keep getting pain in my other arm now and also keep getting pain in my feet as well so any advice would be great thanks. Had pain for 2 weeks now since i had a blood test done.

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Only thing I would or could suggest is Tylenol or Advil. That happened to me then it turned into phlebitis which means your vein gets hard. Lasts for awhile, keep an eye on it. If the pain gets to bad call back and ask if you've already tried Tylenol.


Thank you i will give that ago but will have to buy some first but will have to wait until tomorrow as no pharmacy's open where i live now and yeah i will keep an eye on it and thanks for your reply


I have had the same in both feet, got taken in hospital was given illoprost infusion and told to up my pain relief which is tramodol and oramorph ,this too did start my hands off with painful ulcers and also have developed one on big toe , its just very hard right now i do feel for you ,if pain is too bad go back to gp xxxxx

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Hi Lisa I think you should go back to your gp and refuse to be fobbed off until you are satisfied. Lansoprizole are to protect the stomach from strong drugs that could cause stomach causing ulcers etc. is it raynaulds you have been diagnosed with and are they testing you for scleroderma? Warmth from hot water bottles can help with the limb pains as can a warm bath and I find that when the aching gets too bad I go to bed with my electric blanket and just absorb the heat. Good luck hun I hope you feel better soon Suzy xxx


Hiya I have to go back to my gp in 2 weeks time ive been loads of times about this acid relflux but nothing seems to be working for me and I have had raynauds since I was about 18 years old now so ive had it for about 6 years or so now raynauds is playing up really bad this week been playing up ever since I had a blood test 2-3 weeks ago also have a vein spasm as well and thank you I will have to try a hot water bottle to see if that helps me and thanks i hope i do soon suzy xx


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