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How do you differentiate between primary & secondary Raynauds?

I have been plagued with raynauds for about a year now (53) and have problems with one of my fingers going completely "white" but the rest of my hands change from patches of white to red in the cold. If I squeeze my fingers when they are red they stay white for ages when they are cold. I also have it in my big and second toe but this also happens when I get in the bath & the temp changes. I can get it in my nose & nipples too!

I have hashimotos thyroid & fibromyalgia & arthritis. Can anyone help me to understand ?

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I believe that primary raynauds is when it occurs on it's own and secondary is when it occurs in connection with another illness. So for example I have lupus and raynauds so I have secondary. I believe with arthritis it is classed as secondary raynauds too.


A simple blood test called an ANA (antinuclear antibody) blood test can help to confirm or eliminate whether or not you have an underlying condition i.e secondary Raynaud's. If the test comes back negative you will almost certainly have primary Raynaud's but if positive you should ask to be referred to a rheumatologist for further tests.



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