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Its still August and I am sat in a microfibre fleece jumper and separate fleece and silk gloves!

Do others suffer with a feeling of coldness across their whole body if hands get cold, is this a Raynauds symptom, or should it just be hands and feet. I do not have any other symptons.

Having for the most part enjoyed summer 2013, managed quite a lot of nights without bed socks, suddenly the cold hands are making their presence known again and now beginning to fear the onset of winter, as I feel it is becoming more severe as i get older - now 44.

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See your doctor, you should be on medication. Are you? Keep your body warm.


Hi yes it's a new experience for me too. I shiver and feel like l am totally encased in a block of ice,my whole body not just hands and feet. I make a warm drink and get under the duvet if home. It's quite a frightening feeling and l have never seen it mentioned anywhere before. I have Raynaud's and Sclero.


yes all the time, I'm always (almost always) cold, even in summer, my blueness can come on when the rest of the world is in shorts and teeshirt. I have a low base body temperature that I think has something to do with it... The only way to get warm for a while is a really hot bath after which I'm warm for a couple of hours if I don't go outside. I have raynauds and PBC


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