Scleroderma & Raynaud's UK (SRUK)

I have secondary Raynaud's should I be taking Nebivolol?

I have been diagnosed with Small Vessel Ischemia, (secondary Raynauds and Coronary Microvascular syndrome) it is believed to be via spasms. I am unstable, some stability was achieved last year by taking atenolol but it made the Raynauds worse so it was discontinued. A cardiologist in an emergency ward as stopped my calcium channel blocker (deltiazem) and as prescribed a different beta blocker (nebivolol) claiming it is kinder to Raynauds. I have not started taking the nebivolol yet because in the blurb it say ‘do not take if having spasms or raynauds’ I have now stopped the Deltiazem for two days (60mg morn and night) and the spasms are starting again


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