I get dark feet when I sit or stand still for 10 min. or more

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  • What do you mean by dark feet? Is it caused by lots of fine purple blood vessels? I also have this. I was told by my doctor that there is nothing to worry about if the darkness disappears when you rub your finger across them using slight pressure. It is just cosmetic. if they do not disppear when you rub your finger across them then you need to see your doctor. Mine come up after a bath, but are always there to a greater or lesser degree. I understood that they were caused by one of the drugs I take - probably adalat.

  • When I sit it seems to cut off my circulation.The first get dark like Im tan,then purple if I dont get up and move.I can feel the pressure and numbness until I get up.If I ignore it and dont get up they hurt, swell and get red.Then they will stay that way for a day or more.I am healthy and run,work out everyday.52 years old.a vascular specialist says I must have something like Raynauds but I can be warm and it happens every time I sit or stand still.

  • Do you mean blue feet. That is the Raynaud's poor blood supply to the feet. It is not caused by adalat which dialates the blood vessels. Don't stand too long.

  • That sounds very uncomfortable. obviously not the same as in my message. Have you tried sitting with your feet up as much as possible? The other thing I wondered about was are you are fairly petite. If your feet aren't properly on the ground when you sit down then there will be pressure on the back of your legs, cutting off the blood supply. I get this with some of our garden chairs..

  • Hi there.. I 've been getting the same.. as soon as I 've been standing for longer then 5 mins my feet are going dark purple... and my legs are having and my balance goes... the only way to prevent it is my keeping my legs up .. but as soon as I put them down they go again... my arms are getting bad.. I 've got a lot of strength in me but It took my 10 minutes to undo two screws!!! My arms and wrists would ache and go numb so I would have to keep stopping... the same if I brush the floor my arms n legs would go... standing doing the dishes would make my legs go purple and feet dark purple.. help what is happening to my lovely legs and feet... I found out I had raynauds after I had surgery on my 4 th -5 th toes on both feet .. ever since then I have had raynaulds.. I never had any system s before .. in fact I was always warm... has anyone had the same

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