Just got back from a wonderful week in Egypt -:). Nice to get SUN and Warmth - no blue hands there even able to walk around in a dress in the evening without a cardigan -:)

Would have thought my ulcer would have healed, but no, still not infected due to 2 weeks of antibiotics ........

Oh, didn't take long for fingers to go blue again once back here lol ......

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  • oo how lovely for you anteater to have a nice holiday without layers and gloves ! hopefully your ulcer will be on its way, with a bit of the UK sun to follow its Egyptian booster ! It is also nice to know that you can feel 'warm' again hey ? :) x

  • Yes I know what you mean I always felt so much more like a normal person when we went on Sunny holidays :) Then 12 years ago the consultant told us the only real option was to move to a warmer climate (than the North West of UK) so we moved to the Malaga region of Spain. I know a complete move is not really an option for lots of people but for those people who can only spend a short break away from the pain and discomfort we set up holiday homes here where people can come and enjoy the sunshine, have a dip in a warm hot tub and the properties are heated incase the temperature drops :)

  • That sounds lovely! Can you give us contact numbers and the name of your holiday homes?

  • The properties are in Alhaurin el Grande and are called La Bellota and El Corcho - You can call on a UK number that diverts to Spain without cost to you 01244 312788 or email me on - when you email or call mention healthunlocked :)

  • Thanks sandraj! That's a number I will keep safe for the future!

  • Hello Sandra, now your properties would be a good place to stay. Where can we find them advertised? I live in the North West of the UK. Not my ideal place to live. We used to live in the South East it was so much sunnier.

    Best Wishes


  • Oh how fantastic for you! I wonder if you have a 'South African' shop anywhere near to you? They stock a product called Zambuk and it's fantastic for healing ulcers and sores on the body. I use it for all kinds of things. My skin is very thin and tears at the smallest bump and I use Zambuk. it's a product made in S.A. Where do you live? Perhaps I can post some to you. There is a shop near to me. It's not expensive at all. Let me know!

  • Oh Nettie....that's a blast from the past. Didnt know ZAMBUK was still in late father (b.1905 d.1972) swore by it when I was a child (also many years ago!!!) Was it green? and had a strong smell? or is my foggy memory playing tricks....again. Bee346

  • Yes, that'e the stuff! Wonderful! :) My Mother always used it and I got my daughter in S.A. to send me about 6 tins of it, it's come in so handy for all kinds of things. Gave some to my kids for their children's grazed knees, bee stings, you name it, it works! :)

  • I wonder IF it was local to Dorset...haha... I was born in Weymouth and spent my first 19years there...then moved further West..Bee346

  • Hi nettie,

    My brother in law lives in SA so will ask him to get me some will definitely give it a try - actually I think we have a SA shop near us in chessington and I know of one in southfields near Wimbledon so will go and have a look there first x

  • :) We've had some lovely warm days down in Ringwood, and my hands felt so much better! Raining again to-day though! :(

    Keep warm everyone!

  • There is another product I want to tell you about. I got it on prescription and it is amazing as well. It's called SORBSAN STERILE CALCIUM ALGINATE CAVITY WOUND DRESSING - I had a mole removed from my foot and it wouldn't heal and this worked quicker than anything else. It's actuall Seaweed Fibre - sort of looks like Shredded Wheat a bit :). You've got to have Waterproof platers over it and keep it dry. It causes the flesh to actually produce itself again, so it's really a great product. See if your GP will prescribe it for you. Hope your ulcer heals well. :)

  • Oh will do that thanks xx

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