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Iloprost protocols

Couple of days ago there was a question re Iloprost. After reading the replies I am wondering if maybe the decimal point is being put in the wrong place eg. people stating they receive 10ml per hour when, in fact, it is 1.0ml per hour. The reason I say this is because at my hospital the protocol is determined by weight. I weigh 9st and recently I went in for a daily 6-hour infusion over 5 days. I started the infusion at 0.9ml - if I was able to tolerate I would have gone up to 1.7ml and then 2.6ml for the rest of the infusion. However, I am not able to go much beyond 0.9 comfortably. However, of course, maybe different hospitals have different ways of doing things.

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Yes you're right, think its just a general confusion or different ways of doing things i guess. I,ve had iloprost a few times and the maximum dose was 5mls although i didnt tolerate that level!


Hello, I think the difference is in the dilution of the solution. When I had it in Leeds it was measured in 1 or 2mls per hour. The treatment I now have is measured in 10mls, ie it is 10x more dilute. The dilution is 50mcg in 250mls of saline. I am less than 8 st and the maximum I can have is 25mls per hour.



I am now 22 and had my first Iloprost at 17 weighing 8 and a half stone. I now weigh 9st 6, and have tolerated it up to 40. I have mine as 50mcg in 250mls of saline also - over 5 days - 8 hours per day.


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