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Do I have a raynauds related digestive problem do you think?

I have secondary raynauds and have had a problem for years where after I eat or drink food or liquid comes back up. It happens mostly after meals but I can't work out what is triggering it. I don't have swallowing difficulties or it doesn't happen during the night which I have read a lot on here. It's not painful but doesn't seem normal and isn't very pleasant!

Does anyone else suffer from this or know if it related to raynauds? Thanks x

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I have raynauds secondary to Scleroderma but it is the Scleroderma which causes oesophagal reflux .... You say you have seconday raynauds - is it to Scleroderma?

It is horrible but you can get medication to stop the reflux such as Lansaprazole - best thing to do is see your GP or your Rheumatologist - good luck x


I don't know if I have scleroderma but think I might ask my rheumatologist to test me for this. thanks x


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