Scleroderma & Raynaud's UK (SRUK)

Is anyone suffering daily with thunder clap headaches? How long will these last?

My Father had an accident a number of years ago and was left with headaches on a daily basis however, he could live a normal life with these. However, on 14th Novemeber 2011 through the night he awoke with a severe headache, it appeared to my Mother, Sister and I that he had gone mad.

After being taken to hospital and tets carried out coming back clear. We went to a private specialist, who said Dad had suffered a THUNDER CLAP headache. He is to take tablets for 3 months and after this they may subside.

Stil continuign Dad has headaches every day and I believe he thinks they will never leave him. He now cannot do much maybe two hous max work a day, which is hard as he is a building contracter and a farmer.

Can someone please help, is there light at the end of the tunnel or will these be with him for good. any help or suggestions appreciated... anything at all. Dads spirits are low and am worried about him.



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Does your father have Scleroderma . If so it may be a good idea to check that he has had his blood pressure checked as it may be related.


I have scleroderma and cold bothers not only my hands and feet. If I am in acold place i.e. outside or frozen food aisle, I immediately get a terrible headache.Does he work outside in cold weather? That could be a factor.


Hi Father had another severe headache there on monday night. This time it affected his eyes that was his first complaint they went blurry everything was shaking/flickering and atone point he said he couldnt see. His head was sore also. He rolled about the bed screaming in pain. We called 999 again as before his body went into shock and he was shaking. He was taken to hospital 10pm monday night kept in that night in a&e and given a ct scan. As it was ok and ruled out all the serious things they then said they would do another lumbar puncture however, changed their minds as tht said "we looked at the results of the lumbar puncture we done back in November 2011". Is this normal? Should they have done it again.

Further to our outrage they discharged dad on tuesday night less than 24hrs later. Even through hed been on medication since arrival on monday night was still in pain and was dizzy. On the journey home dad was in pain and being sick an sweating. Cannot believe they sent him home.

We left with medication.. Including a sedative for night time and ibrufeon parecwtemol anf another for during the day when in pain. Should he have been kept in or is there no further help or investigations that could be done? As i said before when first happened dads spirits were low but 7 months on he was happier and he liklehood of the return of his heachache seemed unlikely. However here it has struck again what to do? And how can he live in fear of this strikih anytime. And its saddenong that there seems to be no answers or help at all. Please if you can help us in anyway with information.

Furher to your comment yes ds would work outside everyday on the farm all his work is outside.




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