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I was told 4 weeks ago I have Raynaud's in my left foot, everyday all day my left foot is icy cold and white and I have bad attacks that come and go leaving my foot numb and painful! I had a Doppler test yesterday to check the circulation in my legs which is all fine, they did however tell me that I have low blood pressure when they took it on my arms, in my left arm my blood pressure was 120/60 and my left arm was 90/60!!! The nurse got a 2nd opinion as she said it was very strange, but the 2nd nurse got same readings!! I'm booked into see my doc next weds to discuss this but it's left me worried and uneasy about what's going on!! Has anyone else had this difference before is it just a sign of Raynaud's??

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Sorry, I don't know. Wait for the doctor's opinion.


Hi jogoody, I have had dopplers, ultrasounds etc my blood pressure fluctuates, it can be 180/120 or 140/80 though never had both arms done for blood pressure. My Raynaud's is predominantly my feet and milder in my hands.


Hiya ooo sorry to read you are experiencing this !

Have you had a look at the raynauds and scleroderma association's website on ?

there is some great info on there which may help you. Ultimately, Raynauds is the constriction of the blood vessels in response to the smallest of changes in temperature. It could be this that is causing the fluctuation, however I am not a medic !

I hope all goes well on your apoointment. There are some information leaflets available from the association which you could take to your appointments with you to raise awareness. Keep warm :) x


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