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Is my raynauds getting worse?

I was diagnosed aged10 with primary raynauds when a few of my finger joints looked out of shape and my hands and feet were always freezing. Apart from the joint pain when the weather changes and always being cold I've been lucky. I'm 31 now and over the last few months I've had a few new symptoms. I had the itchiest little lumps on my hands and feet for weeks. I scratched them raw. Now I have really dry ends of my fingers and the skin on the tips feels thicker. Behind my nails the skin is also pealing. Does anyone know if this is connected? I've not been to the drs yet.

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I have Raynaud's my feet are the worse. I do get lumps on them and itchiness. My hands are mild in comparison to my feet. My feet, two years ago swelled to the point they exploded all the skin off them and then the toenails. Beautiful virgin skin now and all new toenails. Mine was extreme and happened overnight. It might not be related at all to your Raynaud's but no harm in seeing your doctor. I say mine was extreme and overnight. ?


I suggest you see your doctor.


Laulau, you probably don't know what life is like without Raynaud's. Bless your heart. These autoimmune diseases overlap so much. I don't have Raynaud's, but I do have Sjogrens and I have the same hand and feet issues you do. It does seem to be from the Sjogrens. After 4 years of suffering and trying to find a magic potion, I found Urea Cream 50%. Using it several times a day for less than a week healed all the bleedng cuts, peeling, and severe drying. Now I mix it with Argon oil and apply it just every night to keep it from reoccuring. It's amazing ! I know this sounds like a commercial, but after having only limited use of my hands for such a long time, I was thrilled.


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