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DPSD Awareness Post

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Have you guys got the sleep crazy sleep schedule of going to bed at like 3am? If you naturally were to wake up (with no alarm etc), would the time be around 11am or 2pm? How long have you been like this? Years? Your whole life? Tried to change it but nothing happens? Well guys I’m bringing awareness to a sleep disorder called DELAYED PHASE SLEEP DISORDER (DPSD for short).

DPSD is a circadian rhythm Disorder (your biological clock) whereby its out of sink with the sun/day, it can be caused by genetics, behavioral or environmental reasons the latters usually stemming from childhood or changes during puberty.

The few studies done have estimated that around 1 in 600 have DPSD and does not necessarily go hand in hand with being a “night owl”.

There is a TON of information online to help understand/support yourself and there is treatment, and ways to change your biological timings, you happy as a night owl? Great! Is it not giving you the best time, and you want to change your identity/life? I understand, YOU CAN change it, I know it because I did.

If this hits close to home, or if you know someone like this leave a comment/share and let the awareness continue!

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