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Have you been prescribed or take any medication to help you sleep?


It's the start of a new week and time for the first question of the final week in the question series!

Today we are asking have you been prescribed or take any medication to help you sleep? If so, what has helped? If not, why not?

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No I haven't been prescribed any medication to help as it's a side effect of the steriods and I'm starting to taper off them now so it'll be reviewed at end of june

No I've never been prescribed any medication. In the distant past I have tried 'over the counter' relaxants, Nytol and similar but no real benefits gained from them.

Not to sleep but lorazapam to help relax after an asthma or dyspnea attack, this has resulted in being able to relax and eventually sleep for a few hrs

No but I use a Cpap machine

I was taking one zoplicone a week but it stopped working. Stopped a while ago.

Without mirtazapine my nights are unbearable. I also use a CPAP. My sleep issues were sudden onset.

I was on 100mg Amitriptyline at night one hour before going to bed, but late last I started to get very bad Dry Mouth, which I thought was very strange because I had been on that dosage for a couple of years. I had Dry Mouth all that time and used wake once or twice at night and used to suck on a sugar free sweet and go back to sleep. But all of a sudden I was waking up at least once an hour sometimes only 20 minutes. Then early this years I was told to cut down to 50mg of Amitriptyline a night and cut out a tablet that was helping prevent me getting vertigo, this was alright in helping with the Dry Mouth which down to a reasonable level but now I get more attacks of vertigo and I still wake up about every hour, 2 hours being the longest period of sleep I've had this year. Last Saturday I managed one hours sleep all night. I slept 2 half hours periods when it started to get light. The Doctor did give me sleeping tablets for a week when I first cut down on the Amitriptyline but they did nothing.

Years ago I was prescribed temazepam. It works really well, but it is extremely easy to become dependant. Despite my best efforts to the contrary, I developed a dependency. Soon after, I read of an association between this class of sleep meds and neurodegenerative diseases, so I quit. The withdrawal was really awful - anxiety, severe tinnitus (still have a bit), and of course the insomnia came back with a vengeance. Association does not mean causation and insomnia is often a prodrome of neurodegeneration, but still, I'm glad I quit.

Recently I came across a fascinating video on Ambien. I found itespecially interesting since sometimes (it's episodic) I have similar difficulties understanding speech as the guy who had suffered a stroke:


I am not on any medication to sleep only inhalers to control my breathing so I can sleep without waking up.

For me it is Gabapentin.

Officially this is because of the migraines I suffer, and as a result my legs spasms and with the pain and my headaches keeping me awake, so no the Gabapentin is to ensure I sleep even with my headaches; I am also on Topiramate to control my headaches.

As a result of the Gabapentin and the resultant sleep I am getting in the night I find the Narcolepsy is under a little more control.

However I still get my bad days, today for example I had a meeting which lasted for about an hour in which I dozed off, and then I dozed off on the train home. Twice in the day so close together is unusual, the Gabapentin usually helps keep me awake a little longer.

Not sure if your aware or are even bothered for that matter but I thought that I'd tell u that if u tend to gain alot of weight then you have your answer, as Gabapentin is a bugger for high amounts of weight gain hun. That's why I came off of it. Anyway, sorry 2 bother u if u aren't interested/don't really care.

Kind regards

Thank you for the information ... I did not realise, but it does explain the steady weight increase. I will just continue to do more to lose more.

No problem, glad I could help. 😊

Why do you think people do not care and are not bothered ? As most people on these medical sites are bothered and do care. I found the tone of your question a little strange. Unless you are from the US where people only seem to care about money and not about their fellow man ?

Bama_girl in reply to Mike-tyson

I think you misread or mistook her post... Read again and her following post as well. By the way, reread your response. I could have mistaken yours as rude...🤷🏻‍♀️..And your assumption about the US is definitely incorrect! At least for the majority of us!! 🤗 Especially in the south. ☺️...Though they are not good, and I am not advocating...the qualities mentioned in your post, are found in some people, in EVERY nation or country I am sure...Not just the US...🇺🇸 God bless you with good health and HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🎊

I was given a capsule of cellgevity by a friend and I slept like heaven. I woke in the middle of the night to ease myself and almost immediately returned to sound sleep. Unfortunately, after that first day, my insomnia pattern returned! I am taking cellgevity for other issues too but mainly to enjoy better sleep. Now on my fourth month, nothing spectacular as that first day.

I have run away from orthodox sleeping tabs for fear of dependence. I prefer natural methods.

I am thinking that if cellgevity doesn't fit its bill as a general health restorer, I'd go for acupuncture.

What dosage do you take & do you only take it when you're ready to go to sleep?

Two in the morning, two at night after supper

I have not had any medication, apart from headache pills.

No I have never been prescribed anything but I’ve tried most of the over the counter stuff without success. I thought I’d nailed it in the USA as you can by Melatonin over the counter that the pharmacist said would really help with jet lag but that didn’t work either! My new tracker reading every day says I don’t get enough deep sleep so wake up tired most days.

I am prescribed clonazepam for my RBD and it worked from night one. I started on 500mcg and that was increased to 1mg.

Because of my severe Restless legs condition, I have been prescribed many medications that either assist with sleep or make the insomnia worse. Years ago I tried over the counter aids (antihistamines and Melatonin) and then I was prescribed Amptripaline. These assisted with the sleep but made my RL considerably worse. Currently I alternate Temazapam with Xanax. (I realise they are the same drug class). I try to have a couple of nights a week without a tablet and I keep the dose low as I am afraid of dependance.

I am prescribed 28 tablets 10mg of Zolpidem every six months. My doctor won’t prescribe any more as they are addictive and the more you take the less effective they become. I don’t think they are great but will guarantee me at least 4/5 hour sleep and max 7

After being on Diazepam for 20 years, I found they'd stopped working & only take them purely for addiction. Now also on Clonazepam & CPAP machine.

I have given up with sleeping tablets as I have now tried so many different ones & some of them didn't work at all & the others like zopidem & zopiclone worked the 1st night then didn't work at all any other nights after that. Plus no I have sleep apnoea & have quit using my ASV machine, taking sleeping tablets again will be dangerous for my sleep apnoea.

Yes, I take 50mg Trazadone and it works like a charm. I take it 30 minutes before I want to go to bed and by then I'm struggling to keep my eyes open. Keeps me asleep too for at least 3-5 hours, or until I have to get up and pee 😊 I'm also on Effexor and I find that if I wait to take my evening dose, and take it with the Trazadone, my RLS is much better. I also take. 50 of Premprazole but I take that earlier in the eve. Holding the Effexor until later has been working well, but it's only been 5 days. We shall see!

zopiclone sometimes helps, melatonin sometimes helps, pain relief eg tramadol ,buprnorphine sometimes helps

Been prescribed Melatonin, which did not work at all. Now I'm on Valdoxan which is an AD but also helps w sleep. I've been getting more restful/deep sleep with it, but the hours are still the same

I have been on every medication that exists. I began seeing a Psychiatrist as I had depression and adding not sleeping for 2-4 days a week, I was feeling desperate. I take tests every month and I have absolutely no signs of mania- the not sleeping is often a big sign of mania but I don’t feel grandiose and call people at 3am with my latest, greatest idea. I am very far from manic. She did try every psych med out there tho, and I said I’d be willing to gain 2lbs, the things I was given caused a 15lbs+ wt gain. As soon as I saw it go up a couple, I’d stop the med. The Doc would tell me at the dose she prescribed, I should pass out after dinner. But nope, not the slightest bit tired on any psych med. And being awake and annoyed at my weight gain - nights were not much fun. I even tried barbiturates, but zero sleep.

I have chronic pain and take mild , for me , pain meds but opiates don’t make me sleepy at all. I take Halcion, but not every night. It doesn’t work, but it’s just having it there to try if it’s a particularly bad night.

I was on Ambien for a number of years. The powers that be think someone my size should take 5mg but I took 20mg and had much success, years ago. I tried Lunesta, Belsomra, and every supplement at Sprouts! Mag, GABA, 5HTP,Melatonin, L-tryptophan, L-theanine, etc etc....but I don’t sleep, I don’t ever get tired. I’m in Arizona, 110 degrees out and monsoon season is near so humid. I rode my horses, washed them, cleaned up the barn. The next day, cleaned and organized the tackroom for 5-6 hours. Nothing, I can’t do any physical activity that makes me tired enough to sleep. I walk over to my night owl neighbor and we watch the meteor shower or just watch to catch a falling star and enjoy the cooler 90 degree nights than 110 days. I’ll sit and chat til 2a, or 4a.

My depression and anxiety are both much improved. A couple summers ago I thought it would be my last as I could not imagine continuing like this after already 2 years. I met up with an old friend and we did things like drive 2900 miles non stop because I drove all night, he- all day. We went Az to Ks and back in 2 days! So, at times I have fun due to not sleeping.

Can’t be sleep apnea if one doesn’t sleep, and believe me, I don’t doze at all! I tried the baths, candles, aromatherapy. I don’t know the answer. Perhaps going back to nursing and working nights might be the answer. I would be exhausted after 3-12 hour shifts.

Sorry I wrote so much. I could have said I tried everything, but I really really have tried everything. To include CBD. Nada. For those who can, sleep well, and if you dream, enjoy each one. That’s what I miss. I had incredible dreams that I remember today. I could wake up 3-5 times and go right back where I left off in the dream. They were fantastic and it’s a difficult thing to lose. That’s the hardest part to overcome. My wild, interesting, ever evolving and began to lucid dream when insomnia hit. M

I Was originally prescribed Zopiclone 3.75mg per night. But want to get off it as feel like a zombie some following days. So my Dr has prescribed Circadin 2mg a slow release Melatonin. Taken with half my 3.75 Zopiclone. I now get to sleep very well around 11pm but still waking up early between 3 and 6am. Which is strange to me as in my 78 years I have never had a sleep problem, until Stoke Cardiology put me a heavy starter dose of Amerodion to control a

Bad period of A/F. Which I am now off, as back on Atenolol 25mg which I was on with no side effects for three years before Stoke changed things. The atenolol works for me to keep my heart rate between 65 and 75bpm. But still not got

My sleep rhythm back yet and waking early as one of side effects of Amerodion is Sleep disturbance and understand it can take months to get Amerodion out of your System. I am also on 2mg Warfarin per day which keeps my

INR on target at around 2.5. And couple of tablets to control an enlarged prostate.


I daily take Xanax for GAD so that does really help when I do go to bed. If it's a bad day I'll take a Cymbalta. Also tizanidine muscle relaxer for arthritic back. Amitriptyline for other madnesses bouncing about my cranium. Oh and it helps me to sleep. This is for "real night-time" use. Since I'm retired I can sleep anytime I wish. And I try to do so frequently. Got a Fitbit to see how I sleep. Just as I thought. I sleep in two-three hr. bursts. Lots of sleep meds, eh? Medical m.j. helps the pain only slightly but does help me sleep. I really should not be alone.

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