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Sleepless nights drowsey days


Hi i was wondering if anybody else is like me im a 47yr old mum of 4 adult children 6 grandchildren 1 married 2 in the army 1 lives with her partner the whole world is my oyster everybody doing great just bought a house you d think id be one lucky lady but for the past 30 years ive had bipolar1 the psychiatrist psychologists CBT sectioned on numerous occasions due to psychotic episodes im on lots of medication which help but i still cart get a good nights sleep i go late on take a relaxent and a sleeping tablet but still only manage on average 4hrs sleep im wide awake then i get tired around morning time have an hour to come around then im just rushing in my mind looking for things to do i feel sick with worry over what i dont know im going in saine shake when i go out paronoid people are watching me even though i know thay arnt oh what a troubled mind thanx for reading

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Only 4 hrs sleep is a lot to deal with . I know the feeling. Insomnia sucks. It affects your outlook on everything . I also know that feeling of having the world at your feet but also having this condition of insomnia which can limit & affect your life in various ways. Be in touch with your heart versus your mind & Stay positive .

Take care

Billie6307 in reply to Rlich

Thank you for your reply hope your ok i would like to know more about you and your condition im really struggling at mo off to wales in morning with daughter well out of my comfort zone manic takecare x

Rlich in reply to Billie6307

Hello ,

just checking in & wondering how you are....


Hey Billie - Have you had you sleep checked to make certain you do not have apnea? I never knew I had it until July this year, but the more I research it, the more I learn how serious it is and how much it can really mess us up - everything from confusion to pain to weight gain to heart problems and on and on.. Here's sending you gentle hugs..

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