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Sleeping problems with heart racing and not being able to move


I would like to know if anybody knows what this is. I try to go to sleep and right before a deep sleep I break into a cold sweat, feel scared, and can't willfully move my body. Once I saw a shadowy figure, but only onece. My heart beat gets really fast and then I suddenly rush out of that state and can't really seem to fall asleep afterwards.

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Hi, so sorry you're suffering from this. I haven't experienced it myself but it sounds very much like you are experiencing something called 'sleep paralysis'. I have read forums about this and my ex partner also used to occasionally experience a lot of what you are describing.

The advice is the usual lifestyle changes such as having a regular sleeping pattern, comfortable sleeping environment, not eating a big meal or having caffeine or alcohol right before bed.

While you're actually having an episode and if you can't wake up from it, I have read that the main thing to try and overcome is the panic, the more you panic, the harder it apparently is to breathe properly. Some have said they try to focus on moving something very small, starting from the bottom and trying to wiggle their toes. It can take a while but for some, after a lot of practice they can eventually teach themselves not to panic and to bring themselves out of the paralysis. Hope this helps :)

how do you heat your home? do you have a carbon monoxide alarm? better safe than sorry, just make sure that your home environment is safe. these aren't expensive. a good night's sleep is so precious, a shame when it is interrupted. if your home is safe, your symptoms sound like anxiety and fear of this happening also is on your mind when you go to bed... hope you are ok, let me know how things are for you at the moment.

You need to run straight to your doctor please.

Sleep paralysis

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