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low carb diet?

recently amongst many of my problems that keep appearing, my unhelpfull un informative doctor suggested i lose weight cos i struggle with breathlessness, and has started weighing me everytime i go. he said to me to stop eating carbs, eg pasta and rice as this should help me lose weight . . . thing is i dont do fry ups, i not good with potatoes, although i do eat veg but i live on pasta and rice and noodles. i am really struggling to find a carb free diet online to download, but also because i am unemployed and i struggle on my budget, ....can anyone help me?... i feel hopeless and fat and fed up.

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Not much help but you need to regulate your breathing. I too had the same problem and was told by a breathing specialist that too many people breathe through their mouth too much instead of through their nose thus becoming breathless. I am not overweight and excerise every day by walking for at least an hour. You could try a dietican for help with your diet.

You will find breathing much easier by practising to breath more through your nose. Look up breathing exercises on the net. good luck. The medical profession are not familiar with SS.


I empathise completely. I have big weight problems too and having to cut out carbs can seem very expensive and daunting.

A Facebook friend posted that she recently lost 30 kg. In the comments she mentioned as part of her diet changes that attributed to this was swapping rice and pasta for quinoa (but in my experience it is quite expensive but is full of protein and fibre) or pearl barley (which is not that expensive and pretty tasty). Her favourite substitute for spaghetti is shaved zucchini which can be really cheap and sounds good. Another friend referred her to a tool called a Veggie Twister to turn your veggies into spaghetti. I googled it for you and it looks pretty good to me. YouTube has their ad if you want to see what I mean. Seeing that I imagine I would love to make a bowl of half and half zucchini and carrot "spaghetti" with a hearty Bolognese (which I always make with grated carrots, zucchini, egg plant or what ever else is cheap to keep the cost down).

On Ebay they are going for as little as $4.41 from Hong Kong or China but RRP is $49.95 from King of Knives.

Also I love the website and searching low carb: brought up some recipes that look great without being of the fry up nature I think of when I think of a low carb diet to.

Lifestyle changes can be really hard so I hope these ideas can help you and have you feel like you didn't have to change everything.

I really hope you post how you go. Best of luck!


I actually breath through my nose more than my mouth and must admit if I try my mouth I tend to panic i not getting enough air. . I got diagnosed over a year ago and things are getting worse but with not really any medical help at all. When I go to specialist he says tell my doctor when I go to doctor he says go to specialist. . I feel like my life is getting take. fRom me and no one cares. I was admitted to hospital at weeks d and I could not move my hands due to the pain in them from pins and needles. I also have been very unsure on my feet and have started taking dizzy spels. And a sore head i cannot shift. I also had huge swollen tongue that feels dead as so much of it had had the taste buds die. . My lips on the inside are all blustery I have N irritating cough and my nose is nose e dry on the inside and if it doesn't get any better soon I will crack .docotrs ran tests wen my blood behaved and stopped coming out clotted a d then sent me home. . Nothing said . .other than if I still feel same the go to my own go. .


Oh my god your poor woman. That sounds so bad. I believe that there are a lot of people on this forum with similar experiences. I am just learning to use it but from my experience the forum contacts it's members with new questions but there is no follow up emails or notifications for people when posts they have been involved in (but not written) have been added to.

I recommend re posting your last post as a new question. It deserves people to notice it and you deserve some help. That sounds beyond tolerable. I really hope you get the answers you need.


Hi ... There's a Face Book based diet that is low carb , called

"Terriann 123 diet plan "

It's very good with excellent support and just a low one off payment for the book ( £11) ( don't know what that converts to ?) !! :0)


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