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Two urgent world petitions and two for those of us in the UK

A lot of people with sjogren's appear to have thryoid issues. Please can you help with these petitions: Two are world ones which need to be motoring around the world to get signatures and the other two are for UK signers only. PLEASE help if you can THANKS x

Three of these petitions are related to thryoid issues, which seems prevalent with autoimmune, and the other one, just help with the downright awful culture out there for patients and medical staff when they raise concerns. They all need signatures and passing on please, it would help so much to get as many signatures as possible.

PLEASE if you can, spare a moment for these petitions, and thank you if you already have. They need more than just your signatures, they need PASSING ON, via YOUR EMAIL LISTS to friends, neighbours and business contacts or by FACEBOOk or other SOCIAL NETWORKS,

1. This is a UK thyroid on regarding choice of treatment and the dire state of our thryoid appointments: .

2. the last government and this one promised us no more Shipman's and no more Staffordshire's: This petition is attached to a very good paper written by Dr Rita Pal and Her colleagues, she blew the whistle early on re Staffordshire and lost her career as a result. Patients who complain often lose their care, medics their career, this is wrong;

These next two are world ones which need to pick up momentum!..

3. Dr Gordon Skinner's excellent world thyroid register needs more signatures and it needs to travel the UK and the world,

4. the new US world thyroid petition which is fast gaining momentum, and where of course I also post our locally grown petition twice weekly:

Every person who can sign these and pass them on to others makes a huge difference to the bigger picture.


Thanks. MaryF

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Yes things are tough out there, i have some good consultants for my five conditions, but a private thryoid doctor who works outside main stream.... and here is another petition. As now the whistleblowing one is reaching it's deadline in UK... this now will replace it and come back bigger: It needs sigs by facebook, forums and email xxx


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