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Swelling / Weight Gain Lyrica

I'm getting severe enlargement of my stomach and abdomen on Lyrica for the severe Sciatic-like jolting nerve pain at night. Weight was stable prior to Lyrica ; has anyone else had this problem is there an alternative medication?

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Whilst on 300 mg of Pregabalin (Lyrica) for six years my weight was not affected. When my Rheumatologist raised the dose last year with an extra 75 mgs to a total of 375 mg daily, I noticed that my weight became a bit unstable in the upward direction - lol.

Weight gain evidently is one of the side effects of Lyrica, unfortunately.



I have just started on Lyrica for severe pain with hip and back pain, i thought it was just my imagination that I was putting on weight, i do not want to get on the scales as i will cry. Having lost over 2 stones with Slimmimg World over a year ago I am mortified. But the pills do work and i feel so much better the pain appears to be under control.Feel like I am stuck between the devil and the deep blue see. I was in so much pain before I was miserable and struggling to function. I just hope it all levels out in time ,but dont worry you are not alone in this xxx

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