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About Oestriol

About Oestriol

Hi every friends, any idear about Oestriol? I need do cervical pap smear then the GP given me Oestriol to put in vagina before the do the test. The first time I put in last night then I felt stinking or buring. At early this morning, had fever , It was 37.8c . I felt tired, hot and cold .

Is Oestriol 0.5 mg in vagina will effect my hormone systerm cause the fever or i flared up nothing connect with it?

I am scared. 😰😱I never got fever since diagnosed Sjogren's and Maxid connected tissue diseae .

Thanks for any advise


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Sorry to hear about your reaction to Ovestin. I have some recent experience with vaginal estrogen. I have sjorgens. I needed an emergency gynae exam done, but was so dry ( post menopausal) that it was not possible. (I ended up having a hysteroscope, which actually was a lot easier).

After the exam the gynae suggested I tried out vaginal oestrogen. I had tried vagifem a few years back, but I had an awful reaction to it. I had local burning and also it triggered morning sickness, which was grim. After the gynae advice, I decided to research other options for vaginal oestrogen . I discovered Ovestin. As I had such an awful reaction to vagifem, I decided to run it by my gynae.

He told me that he thinks I have an extreme sensitivity to changes in hormone levels. He advised me not to try Ovestin, but to try a lower dose vaginal oestrogen. It is called Estriol. I’ve checked the pack and it contains 0.01% estrogen, lower than Ovestin.

I have found this product tolerable, possibly due to the lower amount of hormone. It could also be down to different ingredients. It has worked well, less dry now. Apparently it is a long term option. I have bladder problems too, so I think this will help too.

It may be worth asking for a lower dose and different brand, as clearly Ovestin doesn’t suit you. I can’t comment re your increased temperature, but worth bringing up with the gynae , alternatively google to see if this can be an attributable side effect.

I put off trying other products/ brands for a long term, but now am glad I changed my mind.

Good luck!


Hi 25 clai,

Thank you, thank you so much for share your experience ❤ which real helped me. I am going to use the estriol which is low dose of it may help me for the pap smear. Also might decrease the chance of UTI of woman due to post menopause of low estrogens.

About my temperate,I have fond out i have got infection. Not sure where it is. Maybe in kidney or bladder. Blood test shows infection. Urine test not back yet. Normal UTI won't have tempture. I had one day of 38c. Non burning when i do urine . Only had burning when i put it in then got fever. Maybe Sjogren's involved on my kidney? I have no idear.I had done kidney ultrasound this morning. Next week i will see what is going on.

You said you'd got bladder issue as well? I googled the Estriol which shows the side effects : Cystitis-like symptoms (pain on passing water or urine). So confused. Any way I will have a go after controlled of the infection.

Have a great weekend.

All the best for you 🎈🎉

Below is from google result.


Irritation or itching of the skin in or around the vagina.

Increased discharge from the vagina.

Feeling bloated.

Cystitis-like symptoms (pain on passing water or urine)

Passing water (urine) more often.

Gall bladder problems.

Dark patches or small red marks on the skin.

More items...

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Hi Xiao,

I hope your infection clears up soon. I hope you have some benefit from the treatment when you give it a go. With regard to the side effects of Estriol, I too read them, and also saw the potential of uti/ urine frequency increase. However, I have had some awful UTI since menopause, which have been difficult to shake off, and from what I have experienced the lack of oestrogen can contribute to more problems. I take prophylaxis antibiotics for my chronically infection prone bladder, but I am hopeful that when I get oestrogen levels up I may be able to cut out the antibiotics. Menopause also weakens the urethra, so a boost of oestrogen has got to help.( It all got worse when I had an ovary removed.)

So far, so good , I have been using the cream for 1 month, and I am definitely feeling the benefit of it.

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Good morning clai, I am glad to hear that you have got benifit from estrool cream. Is it prescribed by GP or overcount medicine?

I have took off an ovary 17 years ago, it made worst of my menopause symptoms.

I would like to know that what examination need be done to identify bladder or kidney problem ? My GP only prescribed Cefalexin for 6 days. Who suppose order those test, gp or specialist? What was you experience ?

I am so sorry to hear about you hardly to shake off the UTI , me too, I don't want to prolong the uti if diagnosed not clear or using antibiotics not enough course.

Enjoy your day and take care.



Hi Xiao,

I got my cream on prescription from my gynae, but it may be available over the counter in certain countries. I don’t think you can do that in the uk. I know the Internet market is full of hormone creams etc, but they are unlicensed and from what I have seen, there is no pessary format in any case.

If you have recurrent UTI problems, the first step would be to ask for a referral to a urologist from your gp. A urologist can often offer more specialised solutions. Eg bladder instillation , which give support to the bladder lining, reducing inflammation. Some get a lot of relief from this. I didn’t respond well, as every time the catheter was fitted I ended up with a UTI. In order to examine the bladder, a cystoscopy is the standard examination. From the exam they can rule out other anomalies / bladder wash / biopsy if necessary. I have had many over the years with urethral dialatation which has helped me. It’s usually done under general anaesthetic unless they use a flexible cystoscope,but not as effective in my experience. From this procedure I have been diagnosed with cystitis cystica, which means there is a cyst like surface to my bladder lining which attracts bacteria, once set in , difficult to get rid of.

A blood test for kidney function, looking at electrolytes and will give a gfr level, which indicates how well kidneys are working. Can be done as a screening via gp or specialist. If there is a lot of local pain in kidney area, they may chose to scan the kidney to check it visually. I have had kidney problems due to sjorgens, now much better due to treatment. I have to have blood tests every 8 weeks to check function.

One thing I would say is if you still have symptons after 6 days, keep fluid intake up, go back to gp if you’re unsure the infection has gone. You may need a longer dose or different course of antibiotics. What dose of cefalexin were you on? Try to keep away from acidic foods.

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Hi Clai, I am very appreciated that you replyed me when it was your midnight which you supposed go to sleep. Thank you very very much.

I have had UTI once a year in last 2 years, now is third times. But this time i didn't get obviously feeling of burning , sting when i do urine , only when i put estriol pill then got fever. After that still got no symptoms of UTI i used have. But the flacks was aching. Top of bladder got aching but not all the time. I really confused. Blood test white cell 11.2 (normal rang 4.0--11.0) Neutrophils 10.0(normal range 2.0--8.0)

Lymphocytes 0.7(Normal range 1.0--4.0) MCV 98(normal range 80--96)

C3---- 0.7(Normal range 0.79-1.77)

C4----0.13(Normal range 0.16--0.38) I am scared that maybe i have got kidney involved with Sjogren's or lupus?

Yes you are right, might i ask GP send me to do scan if still aching. My GP doesn't like send me to the specialists

He likes to keep patients with him😓and only answer one question each time. It's not good system here, 10 minutes for each patient consultations .

I have cefalexin 500 mg 4 time a day.yes maybe i just back to him for another different course to make sure it do not come back. I saw the internet says if i have got pyelonephritis might take longer of antibiotics.

I am in Melbourne and been googled the chemical warehouse which doesn't have estriol 0.5 , perhaps need prescription. I will ask my female GP for that.

Thank you again dear

Whish you sleep well



Hi Xiao,

Or rather good morning ! I am not sleeping well , which explains the late night. I’ve read through your feedback and your results. There is clearly something going on with your body judging by C3 / C4 results being lower than normal plus other indicators. This may be in addition to your bladder issues.

Do you have rheumatologist? I imagine so, as you have said you have sjorgens . If you have I recommend taking your recent results with you to the consultation. They may chose to do other tests to rule out other conditions eg Lupus. I have discovered that my rheumatologist can be very handy when I am limited via my gp. Eg rheumatologist referred me to nephrology when my kidney function deteriorated. She also referred me for neurological testing and MRIs on my head following facial paralysis ( it hasn’t been a great year for me).

With regard to the gp limitof 10 minutes, we have that here. However, with a connective tissue disorder like sjorgens, the effects can be on the body as a whole, and more than 1 thing needs to be covered off. I have now arranged for 20 minute consultations with my gp. It is much better. We meet less often and he covers off the list.

I still think you should have basic blood tests to check your kidney function. Has your blood pressure been checked recently? Do you have symptons of lowered/ increased blood pressure? This can be another indicator of how well your body is coping. Big drops and increases from your norm can cause a lot of problems.


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Hi Clai, thank you so much for you concern of my condition. My blood pressure was low, due to i had hypothyroid but when i had Sjogren's it's going up in normal range at now. So I still keep eye on it.

Yes you are right, I am going to see my gp again tomorrow, ask the kidney function and estriol 0.01 % estrogen.

I have got your a few sprinkle rasher on my leg but I can't iupload it now , I don't know why.

Sometimes I can't hold my urine 😓properly I have got bladder issue as well.

Enjoy Sunday with your family



Hi Xiao,

I hope you have had a good Sunday too. It’s good you’re getting to see the GP about your kidney/ bladder concerns. You should also get the rash checked out. I hope you get some help tomorrow.

Best wishes!


Hi Claire

I went to my GP,she didn't give me the 0.01% prescription due to she couldn't find it in her medicine systerm. I was looked on google it shows the ovestin but not in pharmacy. I tried it hardly to find a pharmacy which can make if I have got a prescription. Late i went other GP to get the prescription, cost more than normal price . Anyway , I have been use for 3 days now, felt good, no buring no irritating. Is it can use it for long term ? My GP told only 2-3 weeks. I assume that could be use for long term.

Today I just finished antibiotics, i hope do not get temperature again. This Wednesday I will see my rhmatologist, i hope i can get answers.

I am grateful for you share your experience.

Have a great Monday



Hi Xiao,

Glad you have got some relief now and hat the GP is listening. Re the long term use, it sounds like you may be on a higher dose of something if she only wants you to use it for 2-3 weeks. What happens after that?

Is it a cyclical product which you use again after a break?

The low dose I take is long term . I have been told it is safe. I am post menopausal, not sure if that makes a difference on how to use the cream, but thought I’d mention it, in case it does.

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Hi Claire,

thank you so much . So far I felt very comfortable and happy . 0.01% its really low does shouldn't be a problem. I am post menopause as well , i feel i need it. Before it was very dry and felt hurt, now feel more moist and comfort.

I have seen my rhmatologist last Wednesday, he didn't care about my tempture,about c3 c4 he said don't need too concern. Now no other organ

Involed. No more explanations.

I have forgotten to ask him about prednisone which i still take 5mg daily, is it ok for long term? I have been taken it since last May. I am little anxious anout it.

Anyway I am very happy about Oevstin Cream. Thank you soooooo much💙💚💛💜💟❤😙😙

Have a warm and day


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Hi Xiao,

Glad to hear you are now getting some relief . I’ve found Estriol makes a real difference. I don’t unfortunately know anything about prednisone.

Good luck in the meantime


Hi Claire,

Thanks for your replay and you did great help about overstin.

All the best for you.



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