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Cataract surgery


I’m due to have this soon and getting rather anxious as I’ve only been using artificial tears and no other prep. There had been an admin mix up prior to my consultant appts whereby she claimed she had no evidence from my gp. This resulted in 2 appointments but on the second visit she rechecked my eyes for dryness with slit lamp and said my eyes weren’t particularly dry. Are there other folks out there that haven’t had any intensive hydration prior to surgery? I’m in UK, love to hear from anybody as would like to get it done soon and if I don’t would be referred back to gp under nhs regulations.


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I too have Sjogrens which I have had for some 30 years during which time I have had cataracts in both eyes removed without any problem. These were done over 15 years apart and both have been fine and the procedure quite comfortable. I did not change my night and morning hypromellose eye drops. nor needed to. Good luck with your operation. The one thing I would say is get them done in each eye as closely as possible. In my case it was about 15 years apart and the first one they could not put in a complete correction for my vision as my eyes would become unbalanced, and so I still have to wear spectacles when this might have been avoided if done together

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Thank you Robert, it’s encouraging that you didn’t need special drops beforehand. My eyesight is actually quite good but vision is unbalanced so, hopefully, op will correct this. I only have cataract in one eye so distant sight should match although near sight will be shot. I’m not looking forward to it as I’m very body sensitive but leaving it isn’t really an option if I want to carry on driving. Thanks for your good wishes.


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