Red, tingling feet

Today while walking the top of my right foot started hurting and felt somewhat numb and tingling. When I stopped I took my shoe and sock off and the top of my foot is red splotchy almost like a rash and the bottom of foot is all red. I checked the other foot and it looks the same although it doesn't feel tingly and numb. Is this neuropathy, vasculitis, or just worn out old feet?

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  • It appears that your symptoms don't resonate with anyone so far but hopefully you will get help from someone.

    None of my neuropathic symptoms have ever been accompanied by a rash or redness so I haven't really explored the implications of such. However the vasculitis angle coukd be interesting to look at.

  • Yes Vasculitis is a possibility I would say. Also, if it is hot and swollen as well as red - you might want to look up Erythromelagia (EM).

    I have similar when my Raynauds was treated with Nifedipine and also my hands and feet go very blotchy and burn sometimes when I've gone from cold Raynauds to hot burning of SNF. I think Raynauds and SFN overlap a lot for me. I've been tested for Vasculitis but am always ANCA negative and have no cryoglobulins I'm told. But with Sjögren's, Vasculitis is always a possibility x

  • they weren't really hot or swollen. Just felt like they were burning and were red for a little bit. I was assuming that was some neuropathy but wasn't sure if that would cause the redness too. I'll check into EM and run this all by my rheumy. She'll probably tell me to see a neurologist though. What type of Dr. treats Vasculitis?

  • If you had any sort of Vasculitis I think you probably wouldn't be going for a walk because you'd feel too ill. Certainly that's what I've been told by those who have it - it's pretty serious in most of its forms. Whereas EM feels very much like small fibre neuropathy as far as I'm aware - it's just that it shows up as redness where SFN doesn't.

    A rheumatologist with a special interest in Vasculitis would diagnose but sometimes a dermatologist might too.

  • So it appears. :( I was hoping someone would say "oh yeah, I know exactly what that is. Don't worry about it." LOL I've had the burning, tingling feeling in my hands and feet before during a flare so I was pretty certain there is neuropathy but I wasn't sure about the redness. Like you said, it doesn't usually occur together.

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