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Does anybody with Sjogren's or thyroid problems get red swollen feet? I noticed this morning that my right big toe hurt really badly to put weight on as I walked. I pulled off my sock and the bottom of my toe is bright red and some swollen. The pads of my feet and other toes are also red but not as bad. I checked my other foot and they are also red but not hurting or swollen. since it's both fee, that pretty much rules out injury or insect bites. Could this be from lack of circulation or is it possible immune system attacks tissue in the feet? Feet are also very cold but have been that way for years.

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  • Hi there

    I dont have swollen feet but i do have painful feet , its like walking on gravel at times . I also think i have symptoms of raynauds as feet can burn an itch at night and some of my toes turn white and feel like ice. Its worth asking the rheumy about as maybe autoimmune.

  • Hi! You know I was having the burning sensations but that's stopped. My feet and hands have always been like blocks of ice for as long as I can remember. I have to wear fingerless gloves all day in my office at work but none have ever turned white or blue so I'm not sure about Raynauds. I've had so many new symptoms the past few weeks, I'm almost positive it's the autoimmune but which name do I give it? LOL I am feeling better overall though with the thyroid issues. I think my immune system is calming down a bit. how are you doing?

  • Hi thanks for asking

    Im not too bad , you get used to the aches an pains sometimes i think id miss them if they went!!!! From what you discribe you may have some raynauds issues. Its something that im going to be talking to my rheumy about. I hope you continue to feel good xx

  • It's sounds like bad circulation or maybe Raynauds, it can have symptoms like that. If your toe is red and swollen it could be Gout, to much Uric acid in your blood.

  • would too much Uric acid show up in routine blood panel or is there a specific test?

  • It should show up in a full blood count.

  • thank you. I'll have that checked too.

  • Before I was diagnosed with Sjogrens I was on a long motoring holiday. My feet swelled +++. Doctor diagnosed Gout caused by stasis from sitting in car for too long. Never had it before and never since. Responded extremely well to treatment!

  • thank you for your reply. I have considered gout but not sure. I have an apt with my endo tomorrow and rheumy next week. I'm hoping one of them will know.

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