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Maybe kidney problems, always feel so thirsty and dehydrated, anything i should ask or say to my Dr to get him to actually help

Hi all, i went to the ER for low potassium, and have weird blood and urine results that suggest kidney problems though the ER didn't say anything about these results, i get dehydrated feeling all the time and my mouth and sinuses dries out, i have weird urination very frequent about 5 minutes after ingesting any liquid, swollen ankles, does anyone suggest asking about Sjogrens as well as possibly diabetes? I've never had a problem with diabetes before through it runs in my mother's side, but i have been getting sicker and sicker for months, i almost passed out alone today, i see a doctor in about 8 hours, any advice on what to say/ask? Thanks all

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Ask for a referral to a kidney specialists you have the symptoms of leaking kidneys.


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