Do I have Sjogrens?

My dr. Suggested Sjogrens or RA when an ANA level came back elevated. I saw a rheumatologist who ruled out RA but Sjogrens wasn't discussed at that time. I talked to my pain Dr. About my dry eyes and a development of pain from T2 upwards that is very painful and has limited my ROM in my neck. He is once again focusing on Sjogrens and I see my rheumatologist in 3 weeks so will discuss then. What can you tell me about Sjogrens? I am also hypothyroid but recently over medicated and having hyper sx.

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  • In reading below about the interstitial cystitis, I also have frequent "uti's" but some test positive for e-coli and some don't but all usually have blood. The last time I had symptoms I took Azo for 2 days and drank tons of water and it went away. Is this a indication of Sjogrens?

  • If you go to my website there is everything you need to know about sjogren's, there is videos as well

  • It definitely sounds like it to me!i started with dry eye symptons 5 years ago that have become chronic over time and after 4.5 years was finally diagnosed with sjogrens.i had hypothyroid ism...i had my thyroid removed last year due to cancer and i know they do say theres a link!sorry but hope this helpful...😊

  • My rheumatologist has ruled it out! Yay!

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