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Specialist medical practitioner on Sunshine Coast

Hi, I am looking for advice of a medical practitioner or specialist or naturopath on the Sunshine Coast, Qld who is knowledgeable about Sjogren's syndrome. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has Sjogren's in this region and your experience with getting assistance. I have not had much luck with a GP as yet as I am fairly new to the area. My symptoms are dry mouth and jaw pain, dry eyes and skin, sun sensitivity, fatigue and muscle strength decline. I have been Ok managing things mostly, but then it dips down another level and I struggle to manage so I think I need some help. Thanks in advance and best wishes to all out there in keeping on top of things. :-)

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Robbie Stimpson he is a Laser Therapists at Kingscliff the Laser works on a DNA cellular level, I went to him for 3 years he is the reason I do not need a full time carer any more. His number is 66748859 mention my name Beverly Norton and I referred you and he will look after you.

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