Hello just found this site today. I have cracks on my tongue and little blister type bumps that are quiet painful

Is this normal with Sjoggren's syndrome I have had this before and it goes by itself but this time they seem to hanging in there for a few weeks now it seemed they they were going to go yesterday the pain seem to be not as severe but by last night it was just as bad I am in-between address right now as we just sold our house but have to wait for finalization to of the exchange of contracts to happen at the end of the month and a long way from a Dr as I know that starting to see a Dr and maybe have to have test to rule out things its just too long to start seeing a Dr right now that wont be able finish off with me. I was diagnosed with Sjogren's about 3 half years ago I also have lupus S.L.E fibromyalgia,raynaud's disease. Is there something from the chemist you can recommend that might help with the pain I also have MDAS so pain killers is not the go for me. I am using Biotene toothpaste but that only stops the burning sensation's from the mint or flavorings in the toothpaste so I don't have toothpaste that burns my mouth any more but it is very expensive

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  • Biotene mouthwash helps a little but it is also quite expensive. It apparently replaces some of the natural enzymes from saliva so MIGHT help with the healing. (it does ease the discomfort slightly)

    Personally, I have found that baby teething gel is the longest lasting and cheapest. It stings enough to make your eyes water when your tongue is so sore but the relief is worthwhile. (It doesn't cure it but makes it easier to cope with until you can see a doctor). Maybe someone else will be able to tell you how to fix it. Hope you feel better soon.

  • thank you so much any and all information I can get right now as I am so far away from big supermarkets shops and chemist right now but anything I am will to try even if it does not heal it just for the pain so thank you so much

  • I use SM33 for the pain it stings like hell but it numbs it so you can eat, you can get natural yoghurt hold it in your mouth for 5 mins at a time that helps, take Zinc tablets, gargle and rinse your mouth with Sage tea and when drinking water put 8 drops of Glycerine in it keeps the tongue moist.

  • These are all good things Beverly I will try them but I don't know what SM33 is but will make a list going to the city tomorrow so I will get these things and try them thank you so very much for your help and advice

  • Hi sandy-dee I found your question helpful because I also have a cracked & sore tongue & a few blisters. I also think I have thrush on my tongue. I use all the Biotene products but they just take the edge off. i hope you can get some relief Xxx

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