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heads up pls Sjogrens symptoms?

im hypothyroid...supposedly have mild lupus....but think they are still guessing on the lupus...

I have new symptom just lately....might not be the right kind of dry mouth for sjogrens, but I have no idea what that is like??? My mouth is dry at the front inside( the part that covers over your teeth there) top and bottom....Its off and on last three days...:( I have always had dry rims to my eyes last few years, but not the actual eyeball (do rims being dry ,act as a symptom too)? I see the Rhumey on low dose plaquinil (my cortisone...and only low plaquinil for now...since summer 2013(for the mild lupus)....can someone enlighten me on the dry mouth and eye thing?

PS/thanks for any help :)

PS/had the big plaquinil eye test in summer ,and that was ok...

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Your eyes wil feel like they are in a desert it feels like sandpaper but I have had it for nearly 7 years just got diagnosed over a year ago go and see an ophthalmologist they might help and how much amount of water do you drink? Sjorgen's is so hard to describe. there are tests..... special markers for sjorgen's

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Hi! Jinirules ,and thank you....

Yes ,Rhumetologist has probably tested me before for Sjorgens, but I think he is still working things out, even though he called lupus right away ,and slapped plaquinil on me pronto...At that time (about 1.5 years ago) I just had the high ANA at 1:320 and fine speckled, and the higher inflammation showing on tests and nothing else...The lab fella was astonished i didn't have standing lab orders, then said thats usually when the specialist is still working it all out...I do drink more water these days, because my daughter nags me ;) But i did notice my nose is never messy ,and my ears are pretty dry too inside....I had thought about that long ago...I will let specialist know, but he can be abrupt if u see him later in day...and sadly this time its later in day;(....I was told with sjorgens you can get tingle in your legs...and stomach issues too, and i have those as well....Could be so many things..pos meno even...


Hya I have primary sjogrens. Thought it was ra at the time of diagnosis a year ago coz my main symptoms were sore joints and fatigue. I had dry eyes and a dry mouth but I thought it was stress. My rhemie was spot on. But my dryness came on slowly. My eyes at first would stream iin the slightest breeze before feeling like I had something in my eye. A routine trip to the optician confirmed dry eye. I also had too much saliva in my mouth. I sing in a choir and had to swallow every couple of seconds. No one believed me thought I was anxious. But slowly over this year my mouth has got drier starting with a really dry furry tongue. My gums also feel raw. I brush my teeth about 4 times a day and use biotene products. I was prescribed hydroxychloriquine 400 mg and naproxen when I flare. Hope this helps you x


Yes ,thank you cathyh ,it all helps me...

I wonder if a person is on hydroxy already, if they can still get more symptoms? I asked to be on light meds, which was hummed and hawed at, but then agreed to. I was higher dose at first,which builds in your body...and likely my lighter dose kept levels going in my body too...I guess I will see thus set of test in next few days...and i will mention things to him...If my brain fog lets me...(ill have to write stuff down)...:)


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